Realmonte, Sicily

© Giovanni Caruso –

Realmonte’s position, 15 kilometres away from Agrigento, is a good one. On the hilly slopes of Sicily’s south western coast, it is currently one of the island’s most interesting destinations thanks, above all, to its wonderful sea views.

You’ll be taking lots of photos here. Perched on a high plateau, Realmonte is right in the middle of one of the most scenic sections of coastline in Italy and one of the most familiar too. Scala dei Turchi, probably one of the best known and evocative cliffs in Italy, is right here, an imposing pale and rocky limestone and clay slope which climbs up to the hills behind it like a natural staircase.

It is a distinctive panorama which has given rise to the unlikely local tradition that it was here that the Islamic conquerors landed in Sicily. You can walk along the footpaths created by the curious ridges of the cliffs from the attractive sandy beach nearby.

And on the subject of beaches, Realmonte is right in the heart of a truly exceptional area. A good view of the attractions of the Mediterranean sea is easy here. The wonderful fine sand of Costa Bianca, near Scala, in the shadow of the beautiful gully of its cliffs, Capo Rossello, a scenic headland of reddish rock whose warm colours contrast so spectacularly with the bright white of the surrounding panorama and Monterosso, a stark headland plunging down steeply to a beautiful reef of red rocks.

In Realmonte don’t miss the chance to visit the splendid, almost impossibly beautiful Costabianca Theatre, built into natural vaults in the rocks, where theatrical events are held every year. The magical Cathedral of Salt, a church built underground in the rock salt quarry in Scavuzzo and a truly memorable and unusual sight, is also not to be missed.