Pelagie Islands

Pelagie Islands, Sicily

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The Pelagie islands are on the southernmost tip of Italy in the Mediterranean, more than 200 kilometres away from the coast of Agrigento, between Tunisia and Malta, Sicily and the North African coast. This is the name the ancient Greeks gave them and it means ‘islands of the high seas’. And the isolation of Lampedusa and Linosa, outside the summer months, is more or less complete.

From May to September tourists and travellers looking for peace and quiet visit the islands. Scorching heat, pure white beaches and crystal clear sea are the characteristics of islands which are touristy but never overwhelmed by tourism. They are crowded only in mid-August and keep a strong hold on their remote island identity as a bridge between Italy and North Africa.

The two islands are totally different. Lampedusa‘s limestone rocks are now arid and barren as if in anticipation of the deserts of North Africa. Linosa, by contrast, is black from its lava flows and clearly volcanic in origin.