Levanzo, Egadi Islands, Sicily

© Giovanni Caruso

Small, rocky, secluded, Levanzo means peace and a slow pace of life. It is an oasis of tranquillity and quiet which is perfect for long walks along country footpaths.

Only just over two hundred people live in the fishing villages of Levanzo’s high rocky, jagged terrain. It is the smallest island of the Egadi – just five square kilometres – and its landscapes are similar to those of neighbouring Marettimo. Less a high vantage point than a rocky raft, Levanzo shares the splendid marine reserve sea bed which protects the whole Egadi archipelago with its big sister.

The island’s only road crosses the island from north to south and leaves the rest of the island to the footpaths which dominate the southern side. Its beautiful cliffs can be discovered on foot with only the rhythm of the waves and your personal fitness to disturb you. Levanzo is an island for walking and unforgettable panoramas.

Levanzo – Cala Dogana and Grotta del Genovese

Cala Dogana, on the south coast, is the only village on the island. Traditional white houses, few facilities and great relaxation. Time stands still in this modern fishing village.

Don’t miss a tour of the island by boat to get a close up view of the spectacular bays of the coast and Grotta del Genovese in particular. You can get to it on foot (in around 2 hours) or by sea. With its 12 000 year old cave paintings it is one of the most important paleolithic archaeological sites and a fascinating place.

Levanzo – beaches and bays

There are no sandy beaches on Levanzo but occasional peaceful and secluded bays break up the rocky coastline. The beaches around Cala Dogana, are perfect for peace, quiet and an ever present crystal clear sea as are Cala Minnola and Cala Tramontana.