Egadi Islands

Egadi Islands, Sicily

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Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo make up the Egadi archipelago in Trapani province off Sicily’s north-western coast.

For Homer they were islands for goats inhabited by Laestrygonians and Pheacians. Carthage fought the Greeks and then the Romans for them. Normans, Saracens and pirates conquered them. Floating fortesses, prisons surrounded by sea, they are three splendid islands blessed by a mild climate tempered in summer by breezes from the Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean seas.

The archipelago’s marine environment is unique in the Mediterranean as the largest Marine Reserve in Europe created to protect the extremely rich variety of marine flora and fauna which makes the island one of the most popular diving destinations in absolute.

The three islands are very different. The largest, Favignana, is green and practically flat with a long history, as beautiful inland as it is on its coastline and in its elegant towns.

Marettimo is high and rocky with cliffs, mountains and headlands. Levanzo is a wild gem with its evocative landscapes and strong contrasts, rocky and secluded cliffs.

All this is washed by the crystal clear waters at the meeting point of the Tyrhennian and Sicilian seas. The Egadi islands have a long history and timeless traditions and are a relaxing and reinvigorating tourist destination emersed in a beautiful natural environment.