Filicudi, Sicily

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Like Alicudi, the first impression you get of Filicudi is of a hostile, wild, ancient beauty, of a place where time has stood still. With a larger population and a little more lively than Alicudi – Filicudi has a few restaurants – it is essentially a deeply peaceful and remote island.

With a population of just over 200 Filicudi is the fifth largest island on the Aeolian archipelago. Rocky and waterless, with three volcanoes, its charm is strongly linked to its history of which there remain important archaeological remains. Capo Graziano and Piano del Porto have important archaeological sites in which bronze age village remains can be visited.

But it is on the footpaths across the inland areas full of broom and Mediterranean maquis that you soak up Filicudi’s traditions. It is less an island of fishermen than of farmers and local delicacies such as capers and prickly pears and of donkeys grazing on its country pastures.

Filicudi Porto and other villages

Just a few houses in little hamlets make up the settlements of Filicudi island. Filicudi Porto has
facilities and a cash point. A stroll amongst its low and rather modest houses is great for a peaceful evening in a timeless atmosphere perhaps on one of the characteristic clear Aeolian evenings in the gentle light of the moon and stars.

The old village of Val di Chiesa, the traditional religious centre of the island, is worth a visit as is Pecorini Mare, a little village perched half way between the sea and the island’s mountain slopes with its fashionable Saloon bar.

Beaches and sea in Filicudi

There are a few rounded pebble beaches on the island. The Le Punte beach, which you get to on foot from the pier in the port, is very pretty. Pecorini Mare, set in the attractive village of Pecorini, is also famous and the bays of Punta Zotta, near the light house, are peaceful and beautiful.

The secrets of the island’s sea bed are also worth a visit with their protected archaeological remains and old shipwrecks. Filicudi is an island of legends like that of Amanda the mermaid who lived in its seas. Don’t miss a visit to Grotta del Bue Marino whose deep blue sea makes it Filicudi’s most popular tourist destination.

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