Sicily and its sea

San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily

© Giovanni Caruso –

Some of the cleanest and most crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, a varied and ever changing coastline stretching from the many rocky mountainous headlands to expanses of soft sandy beach and a sea bed full of protected marine life. History and tradition come to life right here in the island’s historic towns and the lives of its fishermen.

Sicily’s coast is all this and much more. But there is more than one sea in Sicily: ancient Trinacria, land of civilisations and traditions lost in the mists of time, is linked to the Mediterranean, Ionian and Tyrennian seas. Three seas for three very different coastlines tied closely together by breathtaking vistas and beautiful, unforgettable countryside, a strong identity and an uncompromising charm which bridges Europe and Africa.

There’s something for every sea lover in Sicily. Young vibrant beaches in San Vito lo Capo and Marina di Ragusa, the natural beauties of the Zingaro Reserve, the meeting of towns and tides in Palermo and Siracusa, the art and history treasures of Cefalù and Taormina and the peace and timelessness of traditional villages such as Portopalo and Aci Trezza.

All the timeless irresistible fascination that the sea holds for us – this and much, much more is Sicily.